Executive Coaching


As global market conditions continue to change and evolve, companies are required to drastically reorganize and survive. Managers and Leaders facing new diverse business challenges will continuously seek new ideas, inspirations, experiences and engagements with other thought leaders. Executives will find the time spent with experienced coaches productive, especially in identifying developmental opportunities for improving their leadership performance during the coaching process.

In working with senior executives, clients can expect HRM3 experienced coaches using a flexible time-tested feedback consulting methodology, supported by well-researched assessment tools and instruments to strategically assess, systematically establish and objectively reinforce practical developmental opportunities to pursue. Our coach will play an effective facilitator’s role, acting as a sounding board and sparring partner to listen, discuss, question, feedback and stimulate ideas on various business issues and challenges. As a result, key developmental opportunities are likely to surface by the candidates leading to useful developmental action plans been developed to close any identified gaps.

Executive Coaching is a personalized program facilitated by experienced coaches. We ask and listen to our clients’ situations and needs carefully. Each program is custom-built to the unique needs of each individual manager or leader. More importantly, emphasis is made to integrate the learning experience into the day-to-day business where they can be sustained to deliver optimal performance results.

We use a proven business consulting process, involving personal coaching by certified coaches, who bring senior level business experience to meet your specific needs. Refer to the figure below to understand how HRM3 conducts its executive coaching services.

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