Client Feedback - Career Transition

Feedback From Clients

“Thanks to you and your team for your support during the recent shutdown of our manufacturing site in Singapore." says a VP, Human Resources of a manufacturing firm. "Employee feedback has generally been very positive. They told us that they felt that HRM3’s comprehensive program gave them the necessary tools that they needed to support their job search and gave them confidence that they could and would be successful in pursuing their next career.”

"HRM3's ability to meet our needs and put forth high quality recommendations to challenge our thinking is very much appreciated. Redundancy is never a pleasant experience for both the company and the individuals, but you have worked in partnership with us to make this transition as manageable as possible." said a satisfied client.

“Thank you for walking through with us in the recent retrenchment exercise. We appreciated your professional coaching, advice and feedback. The careful planning, taken into consideration your expert and tested recommendations had enabled us to manage the unpleasant situation with confident and ease.” says a Controller, Finance, Admin & Human Resource of a Japanese file manufacturer

Feedback From Outplacement Candidates

“The programme is enjoyable, educational, enlightening, exciting. The course materials were excellent source of information. Having the opportunity to discuss the interview questions with you was are real eye opener as it made me think of questions being asked and the type of responses required during interview.”

"The approach and methodology applied by HRM3 was invaluable in preparing me for the near, mind anf long term strategy that should be applied by everybody in their career management, regardless of age or seniority", says a British GM of a global distribution company

"Since I have not been in the job market for the 20 years, I was not fully prepared to market myself. HRM3's candid and supportive consultation has helped me to be confident that I will be able to find a rewarding new position." says an American MD. "I appreciate how HRM3 adjusted the program to meet my needs and fit my schedule."